Sunday, October 14, 2012

Makeup storage and collection for the stingy addict

I filmed my makeup storage setup yesterday for your amusement~!

 Yay drawers!! And mmmm. Brushes. 

A few more pictures, as well as links to the organizer things after the jump!

You might be able to see the slight flaking in the photo on the right...

 OCC Lip Tar storage ^_^

The drawers are $14.99 AUD from Officeworks, you can see them here. The five drawer version is also on the website here~ I love these because they are stackable, clear and pretty, and stable/solid. If you don't have as many products as me there is a great alternative at Officeworks here which is only $9.95, currently on clearance. This is a really great looking option because it's nice and small and has space on the top if you want to put other products, as well as a mirror in a top compartment! If it fits I'd put a glass/plastic cup or jar in the back with brushes ^_^ these wouldn't be stackable though.

I also like Daiso for storage stuff, as I'll explain in another video soon enough ;D. Around my desk I use old clear plastic glasses, boxes from things like candles or q-tips to hold pens/markers etc, usb's, all kinds of things :D

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