Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Intense Sugarpill Look: Inspired

I was inspired by Roxanne R.'s Beautylish post. My version is quite different due to our differences in eye shape. I also didn't quite pastel-out the shadows like she did. The result is a mostly blue-green look with a hidden shock of pink and orange.

This features the majority of my Sugarpill pressed shadows, as well as a creepy pink custom lip tar mix. The mix was primarily Feathered with a drop of Kava Kava and a tiny tiny amount of Anime. 

Products and detailed application will be updated later; I filmed a tutorial for this one which should be uploaded sometime this week :3

For more pictures, follow the jump.

Kind of loving this crazy pastel pink despite my skin tone. 

BAM! Purple brows.

More eye makeup detail.
 With another lip: NYX Rea with Kat Von D Cathedral applied at the centre.

The holographic glitter lashes show up strangely in the photos -- they were terrible at shedding glitter everywhere and felt a bit rough. Not going to be suggesting these anytime soon! Although I did purchase them in Saudi Arabia so I doubt anyone would be able to find them anyways...

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