Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Neutral Smokey Look With Ombre Lips

How's that for an informative title?
This is a pretty simple look; super blended brown/black/purple outer-v, neutral lid with inner corner and brow highlight. I paired it with a slightly more interesting ombre lip or two -- one dramatic, as you can see here, and one more neutral (but still a bit weird/interesting) that you can see under the cut.

Just look at all that Illamasqua. Yum.
Hopefully the picture below shows the glitter - I dusted Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile all over my lids. It's very pretty and sparkly in real life, without being over the top. Extra sparkle in the inner corner courtesy of Illamasqua Synth shadow.

For my lids I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, as usual. I patted my Illamasqua Powder Foundation all over my lids and up to the browbone. For my crease I gently applied NYX shadows in Dark Brown and Black. I blended these out with some Illamasqua Inception (beautiful purple shadow from the Fundamental ) and a touch of Sugarpill Love+ which I should probably have applied more of in retrospect. I also applied MUFE Aqua Eyes in 0L on my waterline and tightline and blended out the lower lashline with a bit more Dark Brown.

I then did my brows, first smoothing and shaping them with NYX Eyebrow Shaper (it's a wax stick basically) and filling them in with more Inception. I blended the inner portion of my brows with a Q-tip. After cleaning and carving with a bit of my foundation (Illamasqua Skin Base in 10.5 with a touch of Rich Liquid in RF100 to lighten) I highlighted under my brow with MAC Ricepaper and a hint of Synth. This is when I applied Beguile to my lids and Synth to my inner corner. 

Although I am an idiot and forgot to include it in my product list/picture/thing I used MAC Superslick in On The Hunt to line and Ardell 125 Black lashes on top of some random Chanel mascara sample.

Now the fun part.
For my lips I lined with Illamasqua Medium Pencils in Please in the outer corners, and Strumpet to fill in the rest. On top of this I applied a thin layer of NYX Chic Red just to get a nice blend going and alter Please from a deep navy blue to a more purple toned color.

For a more neutral alternative, I tried out a new combo that I may have to alter and use more often:

I applied NYX Rea all over, really thinning it out as it can otherwise look a little streaky and weird (don't worry Rea, I still love you ♡). I then applied Illamasqua Pencil in Exert in the outer portion of my lips. I also dabbed MAC Cremesheen Glass in Loud & Lovely in the center. Now Exert is grey. Very grey. But somehow in this combination it takes on a more lilac or lavender tinge to it...which looks a bit familiar to something else... *coughLimeCrimeChinchillacough*. But as I haven't experienced that product irl before I can't say for sure.

Much more toned down now.
Looks pretty damn cool with my hair, if I say so myself ^_~.

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