Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is that enough pink for you?

I normally tend towards blues and purples for my makeup, but the weather was so sunny and lovely today that I just had to bust out OCC lip tar in Anime <3. And of course with that I wanted to wear Sugarpill Dollipop...and Urban Decay Fishnet. Pinks abound!

These photos were taken after 8+ hours of wear, reapplying lipstick only.
I also went on an adventure to Geelong where my best friend and I acquired some new facial jewelry... I don't like playing with new piercings until they've healed so apologies if my lack of symmetry is at all irritating!

Products used; for more details follow the jump :3
To keep the pink from being overwhelming I shaped it so it just shows in the outer v. 

For pictures and products, follow the jump!

More pictures!

It was really difficult to capture the duochrome. I applied Sugarpill Lumi (see below), a beautiful white with crazy blue/aqua duochrome to blend Urban Decay Fishnet gently into Sugarpill Dollipop. Fishnet is pink/fuchsia color and has an amazing violet-blue duochrome that I really wanted to show off. Lumi really did the job, especially when I applied it on top of my liner; the aqua color came through strongly over the black where I placed it on my inner corner.

I tried to take a video to better capture the duochrome, but I'm not quite sure I succeeded. Probably due to inadequate lighting/someone's terrible camera work.

This would look badass with some falsies! Alas I am far too lazy.

TFSI is as usual my primer of choice <3. As said previously I used Sugarpill eyeshadow in Dollipop and Chromalust in Lumi as well as Urban Decay Fishnet (mine is from the Deluxe shadow box) on my lids. I also used a little inner corner highlight, maybe MAC Nylon? But you could easily substitute with Sugarpill Tako and a bit of Lumi on top ^_^. Also from the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette I used Tako under my brows on top of some NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. I lined with Inglot gel liner in 77 and tightlined with MUFE aqua eyes in 0L dipped in 77. 

Not sure if it's visible but my liner smudged a bit on my right eye >.>
Mascara was Covergirl LashblastVolume but tbh it's not looking too amazing in these photos. I know the waterproof version holds up perfectly but it's so much more annoying to remove! In my experience Inglot liner removal can also be a bit tricky. Might try some things out and do a review ^_^.

Brows are NYX eyebrow thingy in grey/black; I used the grey color and to create a gradient used it over/blended into a bit of Milk pencil. 

On my lips I first applied a layer of OCC Clear Lip Tar, then Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Bait. A thin application of OCC Lip Tar in Anime (this color is just...wonderful) and a bit of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid (has a slight blue-purple duochrome and easier to reapply than lip tar during the day).

I wish I didn't make everything sound so long-winded! This makeup look is super easy and not too scary even though it's pink ;D.
How do you feel about pink makeup? Lips only? Blush?

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